Welcome to the Generative Design Studio

Generative design is a form finding process that can mimic nature’s evolutionary approach to design. It can start with design goals and then explore innumerable possible permutations of a solution to find the best option. The process can enable designers to generate brand new options, beyond what a human alone could create, to arrive at a most effective design.

Most generative design, in which the output could be images, sounds, architectural models, animation etc., is based on algorithmic and parametric modeling. It is a fast method of exploring design possibilities that is used in various design fields such as art, architecture, communication design, and product design.

Some generative schemes use genetic algorithms to create variations. Some use just random numbers. Generative design has been inspired by natural design processes, whereby designs are developed as genetic variations through mutation and crossovers. In contrast to long-established concepts such as generative art or computer art, generative design also includes particular tasks within the area of design, architecture, and product design.